About merrysarie

merrysarie (i.e., Sarah Kanz) is a crocheter who loves telling stories that make people laugh. She wrote her first story in the third grade and has been writing ever since.

Sarah’s friend Emily taught her to crochet the chain stitch when they were little girls. Sarah’s grandma gave her a set of crochet hooks that she still uses today. You can see some of Sarah’s crochet designs and patterns on her blogs:


Besides crocheting, Sarah likes to curl up with a good book, hike in the woods of the Pacific Northwest (rain or shine), organize anything and everything, bake, sing, play the piano, and pray for snow.

And Sarah likes penguins. (But you probably already guessed that.) She often dreams of snowy northern regions where penguins and polar bears live. Gwen the Penguin Crochets a Scarf  is her first book about crocheting, and she was surprised to discover penguins are so talented.

{Click here to get your free copy of Sarah’s eBook, Gwen the Penguin Crochets a Scarf}